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Poems On / About TOGETHER  10/4/2015 2:30:56 AM
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You Had Me At Hello

Whenever I looked into your eyes, I saw us being together, being happy. Whenever you looked at me, I got a chill down my spine - not a bad one, a good one. That meant you liked me the way I liked you. And whenever we talked, I felt shy, because I didn't want to say something I'd regret for the rest of my life. Of course I did that. I gave you note asking if you did like me. And you replied saying you liked me as a friend. After all this time, I look back at those days, where your gorgeous blue eyes were looking into my amber eyes, where we talked and asked how we were, I thought you liked me. I thought we could have been together. But as you got onto a different bus on the last day of school, I whispered to myself; I love you - knowing you never loved me. You had me at hello, but that hello was nothing to you.
Alicia Meyers

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Enjoying Our Italian Family

Loving my heritage, Italian in nature, I reminisce of days from yesterday when our family was still all together, singing, laughing, loving in unison.
Happy to be alive and enjoying one another's company every chance we had to be together.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Ahmad Rami

Ahmad Rami is my friend, He rarely talks and He smiles happily when I meet him, When I am away for many years, I hear just a few words about him, We were together for long time, but Days separated between us, We are still very great friends, My friend lives with his great family In the same house, He is a school teacher for many years, We used to stroll the empty streets When we were together here and there, My friend's family had a banana tree in their villa Before they turned their villa into a mini skyscraper, Me and him were very good friends because Our friendship is true and sincere, We are still friends even I rarely hear about him Though our closer friends, Friendship never ends if it is based On mutual understanding by both parties, then I like my friend Ahmad Rami and if anyone knows him, then Please tell him that your friends never forget you.

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I Am Two Worlds

I am from two world can cam to together. In one world have lot of fun and I have my self. In other world I just have lot of memory. In my tow world they have different speaking. I'm Mexican but I like better wthie people because I like they beliefs. My friends can cam together for me. I feel like I'm repotting inside in me. I feel my tow going to asked they chose one of them. I can not do. I did ones it was sad for do I donot want to do agent, just live out your different out for just will sad Do agents. For it heart lot do not you because it can heart lot
Guadalupe Cruz

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