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Poems On / About TOGETHER  5/3/2015 8:51:45 AM
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I Am Two Worlds

I am from two world can cam to together. In one world have lot of fun and I have my self. In other world I just have lot of memory. In my tow world they have different speaking. I'm Mexican but I like better wthie people because I like they beliefs. My friends can cam together for me. I feel like I'm repotting inside in me. I feel my tow going to asked they chose one of them. I can not do. I did ones it was sad for do I donot want to do agent, just live out your different out for just will sad Do agents. For it heart lot do not you because it can heart lot
Guadalupe Cruz

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Feelings For You

I normally write poetry writing down what I feel but, I'm finding this one poem hard. I'm in love with you, I have been since the moment we started talking. I know you're the one for me, because I can't imagine my life without you. I love the way you tickle me when I don't want to smile. The crazy memories we have shared together. You are my rock helping me through some of the hardest times I've faced lately. You love me and for not being ill with bi polar but because I'm me. We have been through some BIG stuff but we got through it together. I know I sometimes I take you for granted, but I won't giving up fighting for you. I could write all day what you mean to me but it still won't mean anything. I think I have wrote my poem for my love for you....Haven't I?
Lisa Harvey

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Sparkling, together they will shine,
Our hearts together, yours and mine
Jonathan Way

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Ps. I Love You

Ps.I miss you.I miss your touch around my waist your heart beating. Like were running a race the sent upon my chest that inguerd when you and I are the shooting stars that brought us to together when we first met. Ps. I miss you. I miss your lafter that made me giggle your funny saying that made me smile the twinklen in your eyes showing me you were so size and sweet lulibly. Ps. I miss you. You were always there for me saving me from my fears I feard beneath my heart telling me everything. Will be ok so don't be afraid of the dark your wisiling toon makes me see that. Were suppose to be together even if it's in just a dream ps. I miss my young hero you will always be mine I will love you for staying I will love of blind I will love you cause I can I will love you cause I do until death do us part when I say I do
brittany obrien

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