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Poems On / About TRUST  10/1/2014 9:20:03 PM
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Sleeping With

Lie there, and trust me, as you turn your back
And fall asleep as swiftly as a mouse
Eyed by a rattlesnake.

Lie there, and trust me as I watch your back
For predators and spiders in the house,
Spying at midnight.

Yet in the darkness you rise up and face the dark
While I oblivious lie like the dead,
Dreaming of flying.

Lie there, you think, and trust me as I trusted you,
And wake to praise the Dawn each day alive,
Sweet landing.

To G,

hamachazir neshamot lifgarim meitim

Linda Hepner

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If I can trust you
Can you trust me?

If I trust you
You are promising
Not to hit me
Or tell my deepest darkest secrets

You are promising
To love me and also get the same love in return

If you trust me
I promise not to hurt you

By things I swore to keep secret and...

...I am promising to love you 100% for the rest of my life.
Amber Carter

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Hope Your Happy

I can't
I won't
Believe You

You've used that so many times
And I can't take it anymore

My trust
My heart
My soul
Are widdling away

Everyday you lie to me more
And I can't believe
You would think
That I would stay
Just because I trusted you
So many times before

I hope your happy
And they'll never find out
Because when and if
They do
They'll doubt you
More than I ever had

I hope its worth it to you
To lose me

Hope you happy
Because I will be

Don't forget to leave your key
Your things will be waiting
At the door

Believe you
Trust you
Keep you

Believe me
Trust me
Remember me
Because I will be happy
Nichole Pettit

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You Don't Trust Me

We've been friends for years
We always smile and laugh
Sometime our eyes have tears
But I knew you far too long
To not notice something

I decided not to be your friend
But I got reason
You don't trust me

I know it coz it's obvious
Everyone knows
You don't trust us
Our friendship's like a rose
Spring in to life
Then die

There's only one person you trust
Coz you're not rude to her
Just us

I decided not to be your friend
But for a good reason
You don't trust me
Liz Gellur

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