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Poems On / About TRUST  2/7/2016 11:16:45 AM
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Cant Trust Neting @ All

my past made me not trust completely
wasn't able to trust anybody fully
YOU made me not trust at all
and i thought i was too strong
thought i wasn't able to fall
thought that i wouldn't allow myself to get hurt anymore
but that all changed when you knocked
and i opened up that door
my past made me not trust
wasn't able to love
and although i know my man is true
even him i decreasingly trust
because YOU were that one
now I hate YOU
and im so pissed off
my past made me not trust most things
but YOU made me not trust anything at ALL
Shilesha Johnson

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When I Trust

When I trust,
I do not question with doubts of that trust.
When I start to doubt to wonder with questions,
I stop trusting even the questions to ask.
Especially if they appear clearly on my path.
With nothing left to figure out,
Or to await for answers that may try to satisfy.
When I trust,
I do it not expect to become disgusted or feel I must...
By attempts made to excuse what it is I have given.
When I trust I trust and that's it.
To close what had been there to permit if this is needed.
Trusting to give and receive is as good as it gets for me,
To know and feel.
Not to explain something different I might sniff,
Done by another attempting it to disguise or hide...
What I smell to be obvious.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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What is trust?
Ask not a question,
Believe in someone's all the words and actions.

How to get entrusted?
Start on a little uphill journey,
Don't deceive or take over someone's dreams,
Don't lie or take advantage of someone.
Trust is a blind faith,
Don't stab on its back.

Where do I find trust?
Look into the eyes of your love,
It's full of trust,
Think about the love of God,
It's the trust trying to touch your heart.

What if I don't find any trust?
If all my efforts fail to gain someone's trust,
I should forgive that soul,
I am giving all my attention,
But someone is lost in its own world.
Jay P Narain

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why friends call themselves friends, and i know they care
i can't be trusted to hold a heart
i can't be trusted with a friend
why can't i find the courage to stand up to those beating themselves down,
why can't i hold on when things get rough,
i can't be trusted with your secrets,
i can't be trusted with your memories,
i can't live this way
for every single day of my life
i can't stand me
i can't stand the skin i'm in
why can't you just walk away i'm not your problem any more
i'm mine
why don't you leave me be
and stop calling me a friend
i can't be trusted with...
i can't be trusted...
i can't be your friend
i can't live with me if i stay
i can't betray your..
Nicky Turner

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