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Best Poems About / On TRUST
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Trust- A thing in the past

I trusted you with my heart
and you tore it up
as i watched the once thriving feeling
be crushed in your mighty hands
i begin to remember the good times.
for some reason i remember the good times
oh they were so wonderful
my eyes were always filled with excitement
i couldn't wait to see you, feel your embracing touch,
hear you soothing voice
ahh your voice it was like a mother's lullaby
to her irritable child.
i yearn for your voice now
i yearn for it to be reassuring and welcoming
but all i hear now is bitterness, almost hatred.
pain and heartache can do that to untainted ears
make them hear fowl things
things that shouldn't be
it almost feels unnatural.
i just want to go back
back to the good things,
but you can't undo a broken battered heart
no one can ever be trusted
what was once a peaceful dream
has now become a nightmare
a thing in the past
just a meaningless thing in the past
what am i to do
because not only can i not trust you...
...but i can't trust myself either
Vonna mckissick

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As For Me

As for me this is where I stand
Alone on this corner
And I never trusted those men
They looked at me with their eyes and I could feel their thoughts shifting my way
The reality hitting me in the face
Golden hair shinning while the sunlight hits it
Red lips freshly redone
And a look that could kill anyone
Those men they stare and she simply gave them a glare
That walk where she threw her hips
That smile that could heal a nation
And as for me I stood there alone on that corner
Watching her throw away her life
Those men I never trusted them even when she brought them into out home and they laid her bed
Tears freshly fallen
And shaking hands that could pain anyone
And as for me I sat there alone on that couch
And those men I never trusted them even when she told me they had her heart
Her eyes a blue so light and full of life
But with each guy those eyes became cold
Emotions fading with each man that took a part of her
The light around her faded with their stares
And as for me I lay here alone in her old bed
Those men I never trusted them and now they are all gone
But, she’s gone too
So as for me alone I will remain alone because those men I will never trust them.
victoria martinez

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I can't believe it!

I can't believe I trusted you
I just thought you could help
I knew I was being an idiot
I knew I'd be better off helping myself

I can't believe I trusted you
You've gone and made things worse
I just thought you'd make things better for me
I guesse it's just me and my curse

I can't believe I trusted you
It took me really long
Even just trying to get some help
I didn't think it could go so wrong

I can't believe I trusted you
I just don't understand
All I wanted was to get it off my chest
And find some-one to lend a hand

I can't believe I trusted you
I just wanted to ease the pain
I felt I could only talk to you
I'll never make that mistake again! !

This is about one of my teachers. I asked her for help and she betrayed me! !
Becky Ginn

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' Trust, Is A Bridge... '

Trust, Was A Bridge, Between Us
Now, Blown To Bits and Dust!
Scattered Upon Waters of Fear
Too Far Down, To Bring Near

Trust, Was The Bridge, Between Us
Tottering and Unsafe, Due To Rust
Its Base, Was Sinking and Cracked
Cables Snapped, No Getting Back!

Trust, Was A Bridge, Between Us
Used To Stand-Up To Raging Gusts!
We Could Cross Over To Either Side
Hold Onto The Girders … And Stride

Trust, Was The Bridge, Between Us
Repairing It Now … Is A Bust!
So, Can This RelationShip, Sail To Both Shoals
Build A New Bridge, With A Higher Toll?

… Trust … Is A Bridge, Between Us
Guard It Well … This Time, Is A Must …
MoonBee Canady

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