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I want you, but can I trust you?
The things you say excite me,
but I’ve heard them said before:
sweet words dry up too soon,
replaced by shouts and threats.

I want you, but can I trust you?
The way we touch excites me,
but I’ve known that touch before:
caresses stop too soon,
fingers curl into fists.

I want you, but can I trust you?
The love you give excites me.
What is this love
that accepts me for who I am,
that allows me to grow,
to blossom,
to be me,
without fear,
without pressure,
without limits?
Is this real love at last,
or are you a fantasy,
a better liar than the others?

I am so sore, so scarred, so scared.
Be gentle with me.
One day I may learn to trust you.
For now, you’ll have to trust for both of us.
But I want you.
Wild Bill Balding

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Many a person thought insane
Is often void of care
Not always are life’s conflicts plain
Nor strategies laid bare

The devil’s still a lying cheat
He’ll occupy the mind
Manipulating most discreet
The feeble lost and blind

We need to know we need to see
Discern a servant’s rights
Believe The Lord for victory
Not lose with darkness fights

Yet though The Truth’s in black on white
Too seldom is it read
So seldom does man put to flight
The one who’d strike us dead

Best lean on God o troubled soul
Trust God you faint of heart
Trust Christ to save to make you whole
And set from harm apart

While Satan’s out to cheat and kill
Trust Jesus’ true report
Pay heed to God and Heaven’s will
Take capture every thought

Put on the armour of The Lord
Put on the helm of light
Take up in hand your trusted sword
And breast plate shining bright

Come to The Lord sweet suffering child
Trust in His Christ and Son
Turn from your sin be reconciled
And see life’s battle won
Michael P. Johnson

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Trust me

trust me,
ill be here,
forever for you.

never will you worry,
never will you cry,
never will you fear.

trust me,
ill be here,
forever for you.

in the dark of night,
in the rain,
in the cold.

trust me,
ill be here,
forever for you.

no matter the pain,
no matter the sorrow,
no matter the road.

trust me,
ill be here,
forever for you.

trust me,
im here,
ill allways
be here for you.
Rosemary Doyle

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no love without trust

Today you say I love you too
Tomorrow you would say I hate you

Today you think about me
Tomorrow you would ask who is she

Today you love me
Tomorrow you would want to be free

Today you give me your all
Tomorrow steeling another girl’s heart is your goal

Today I fill your heart and mind
Tomorrow you would ask me to leave the memories behind

Today you hug me when I cry
Tomorrow you would tell me that our love is about to die

There is a big difference between today and tomorrow with you
Which made me lose my trust in you

You would expect me to tell you I love you too
But I will say I’ve lost my trust in you

Even if you are about to let go
I would tell you that I have lost my trust in you

Because when you went away
I took my own way
And learned to live the day by day

I prefer to be alone and get lost
Than to be with a person the cannot be trust

So our love would be filled with dust
Because there is no love without trust
lara arnaout

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