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Poems On / About TRUST  2/8/2016 6:20:25 AM
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Nothing Else Matters By Metallica

Every word you said to me....was it all a lie..?
Didn't I listen, didnt I believe that you trusted me...
Nothing else mattered to me...you alone and nothing else..
Never cared for what they say....never cared for what lay beneath the veil...
Because you sang... Forever trust in who u are..
And nothing else matters..
I did what you said...and i trusted you for who you are..
I never opened myself this way.. to anyone else...
Trust I seek and find in you, every day for something new..
How close was I to you...Never thought it would fall apart..
Never cared for what they knew...never cared for what they do..
But I knew...
Opened my eyes and saw a different you...And I found myself somewhere else..
Everything you said..Everything you did.. Trust I sought... care I felt...
Everything falling apart....
Back then you sang...
So close no matter how far...
Couldn't be much more from the heart..
Forever trust in who you are...
And nothing else matters...
Arathy Nair

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So easily lost,
Like a small child in Disney,
Trust could bolt at any time.
So easily misplaced,
Like a bobby pin on the sink,
It just seems to disappear.
Never seems to stay,
Like a one night stand.
You can only trust in lies.
Gabrielle L. Tastet

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Trust is harder then you think.
Always being someone's second choice makes you question everything.
I want to trust you, I want to give you my heart but I am scared to give it to you.
My wall has been built up so high that when you say all the things that you like about me, it makes me look at myself and go who are you talking to?
Trust is harder then you think.
You can't just tell me everything is going to be fine, don't worry.
Because for 5 years of my life, thats all I did.
Lies were not fun!
I am a nice girl but the lies have killed me.
Trust is harder then you think.
Best friend after best friend, it seems like no one stays.
Now you do stay and I don't no what to think about it.
You know how to make my day better just by talking about basketball forever.
I could sit and listen to you forever or sit in your arms and not talk at all.
Is this when I realize I need to give you a little trust in order for us to be?
Maybe I over think but your all I want, your all I need, your going to be the one that proves me wrong!
Prove me wrong, prove to me that no man could ever hurt me again because I have the one and only. Prove to me that I am her, the lady and queen you are looking for.
Have me be the compliment to you that God wants for me.
I want happiness and the swept off my feet feeling everyday.
So prove to me that you are my only because trust is hard but it is worth the fight!
Jennifer Tkacz

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Fully Trust In God

Believers today, cannot afford, not to trust entirely in The Lord,
Trusting God with all one's heart, knowing that He won't depart,
Acknowledge Him in all you do; straight paths He gives to you,
Helping you through all your life, while you trust in Jesus Christ.

Trust in God with a reverent fear, knowing that He's always near,
And Wisdom shall guard your life, in a world where trials are rife,
His Light shines upon every road, as you share your heavy load,
All that is a burden in your way, as Christ guides you day to day.

In God's sovereignty, over all, big things to us, to Him are small,
In all your times and everywhere, recognize His providential care,
Obeying Truth that you've heard, knowing Him through His Word,
If you will not forget God's Law, Truth shall help you avoid a fall.

Be not wise in your own eyes, and sin God leads you to despise,
While you shun evil all your days, living by The Lords Holy Ways;
Should by the choice you make, put you on a wrong path to take,
God rebukes you for your selection, don't despise His correction.

Trust not in what you understand, but rely on God's guiding hand,
And the Author of your Salvation, shall guide you in all tribulation,
Fully trusting in our Lord above, to guide you with grace and love,
As God guides you in your life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright 06/2012)
Bob Gotti

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