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Poems On / About TRUST  1/31/2015 6:28:37 PM
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Best Poems About / On TRUST
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Trust is the glue that holds us together
It makes us feel safe in the stormy weather
You rely and trust on that person or friend
But when it's gone you can never amend

Trust is the truth that hurts when pretending
Open it up to find the circle never ending
One lie linked to another in a chain
one link breaks but the others still remain

Trust is broken and the relationship the same
One lie to start but in the end it's just a game
How do you begin to get it all back?
When the lines are forming and you can see the cracks

One little lie contained in a square box
You open the lid and the content shocks
Cos there's another one with the lid closed tight
Your heart plummets down from a great height

The box within a box of lies goes on forever
And the cunning fox you feel inside, it's clever
trying to outwit you and trying to hide,
Trying to fool your thoughts from the inside

The game is played and the damage is done
The hurts been caused and the fox has won
what he doesn't know is that he's lost it all
And the game that was played was for nothin at all

Trust is the glue that holds us together,
'Break it again and you've lost me forever'.....
Deborah Hyslop

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Trust is A sacrifice for the one's you love,
For you let them hold a blade onto your chest.
to the edge of the world and above,
no larger treasure will be find, east or west.

Trust is an adventure, full of risks.
which binds us together, like nothing could ever do.
Love without trust can not persist,
for it is the grout in the gap, between me and you.

Trust is the wind, and love is the seed,
thus Trust will let your feelings spread.
a galvanic buzzing in your fingers in your feets,
whenever we will meet.

Now if you exploit my faith in you,
you wasn't the right, opening my heart to.
Kevin her

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no love without trust

Today you say I love you too
Tomorrow you would say I hate you

Today you think about me
Tomorrow you would ask who is she

Today you love me
Tomorrow you would want to be free

Today you give me your all
Tomorrow steeling another girl’s heart is your goal

Today I fill your heart and mind
Tomorrow you would ask me to leave the memories behind

Today you hug me when I cry
Tomorrow you would tell me that our love is about to die

There is a big difference between today and tomorrow with you
Which made me lose my trust in you

You would expect me to tell you I love you too
But I will say I’ve lost my trust in you

Even if you are about to let go
I would tell you that I have lost my trust in you

Because when you went away
I took my own way
And learned to live the day by day

I prefer to be alone and get lost
Than to be with a person the cannot be trust

So our love would be filled with dust
Because there is no love without trust
lara arnaout

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...........Metaphysical, Or Existentialist, Poem?

Flame...for candles' light,
Negating dark.
Do we not trust light?

Vagaries in binding, beyond hope,
Altruism to reality.
Do we not trust reality?

Buds open. Yesterday yields
Tomorrows' petals.
Do we not trust yesterday?

Do we trust...
elysabeth faslund

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