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Poems On / About TRUST  7/23/2014 7:29:15 PM
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I fear my trust
Whether it be trust in others
or others trusting me
For I am not to trust
Or be trusted.

You want proof?
Well I have no need to prove it;
for it is already proven,
If you look hard enough,
You will see the reason;
This reason is enough to keep them all away,
My heart has hardened into diamond,
You can cut it with only diamonds
And it cannot be melted.

The problem with this:
I am more fragile on the inside than I would care to admit,
And my scars, instead of help me,
would rather hinder,
for they open every day,
And I have to heal them before they become infected
The virus of infection is ever near,
this infection is fear;
for I fear that my heart will open,
And everyone will see
All that I've hidden in the shadowy depths of my secret sanctuaries.
Kim Jones

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If I Trust You, Will You Break It?
If I Give You Freedom, Will You Abuse It?
Make Me Look Like A Fool.
With Freewill Comes Limits!

Pain and Suffer Is All You Feel,
When Trust Is Broken,
So Why Mistreat My Trust?
Why Treat It Like A Free Token?

You Degrade My Love for You,
Make It No Less than the Ground,
So Why Degrade A Feeling Like Trust?
When Lost, It Can Not Later Be Found.

The Future Is So We Can Do Better,
The Present Is Where We Live,
The Past Holds Memories and Pain,
But It Is The Past That Reminds Me Never To Trust You Again!
Mozafar Ali

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To trust someone would be to place my very life into their hands and hope that it will flourish in their grasp and not wither and die.
To trust someone would be to give them my heart and pray that they do not shatter it into a hundred thousand shards of tears.
To trust someone would be to turn your back on them, to give them a heart-felt, two armed hug and believe that they would not stab you in the back.
To trust someone would be to give them all of your dark, dirty, disgusting secrets and know that they would still be kept in silence after school rolls around the next morning.
To trust someone is to take a chance I can't take: to open my heart, my mind, my soul, and let someone look inside, step inside, and, during that, not break me in two.
And that is something I'm simply not willing to risk.
Hannah Shier

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Alufalism Song Of Hope

O my lord and trusted saviour
all i hope is you
(all i hope is you)
Do not let my containce empty,
all i want is you
(o my trusted friend)
O my lord and trusted friend,
do not let me down
(do not let me down)
When all hope is lost you are
(all i trust is you)
Saviour saviour saviour hear my humble cry....
(hear my humble cry)
O my lord and trusted saviour....
all i want is you
(all is hope is you)
You are more than what i wanted,
all i hope is you
(o my saviour)
Saviour saviour saviour hear my humble cry,
Now that we are calling saviour, hear our humble cry.........
Senator alufalism

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Poems On / About TRUST