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Poems On / About WAR  7/3/2015 1:10:32 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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By Those Interested In War History

By those interested in war history war history is read
But the winners write the war history or so it is said
That is how it is and will always be
What is true to one is not to another that's how it seems to me
Of war and war heroes many stories are written and many poems to recite
And mostly of war winners that war writers stories do write
And readers believe what they want to believe
And the mothers of the war dead for their dead children grieve
In war as in life 'tis the winners who count
And the stories of losers to little amount
For the dead war heroes many a parade
And far too many films of war have been made
And 'tis mostly the winners write the war history
That is how it is and always will be.
Francis Duggan

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Religious War

Religious war has been fought by rare person
person fighting for religion is ever winner
only the person took the help of weapons
are defeated, History is witness in weapon war
only the powerful weapons are winner, but
that can not be termed as Religious War

Weapon War is always blind but religious war
is always full of love and peace.

Weapon war is the matter of ego
Religious war is the matter of consciousness

Weapon war sheds blood but Religious War
It sheds love and affection

A person fighting for Religious War has to be
martyr some time but he becomes the reason
to be worshiped for ever

Weapon war spreads chaos and terrorism
Religious War spreads prosperity

Weapon war knows to split the society
Religious War knows to unite the society

Weapon war knows to enslave the human being
Religious War knows to make him free
from all kinds of slavery

Weapon war pushes us back to barbaric age
Religious war pulls us forward to civilized age.

Weapon war ends with destruction
Religious war ends with creation

Religion is the law of nature
which prevails all to be survived
ramesh rai

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Along The War Avenue Of Honour

Along the war Avenue of Honour a plaque to a dead soldier nailed to every tree
Brave young men who died in battle their reward for their bravery
They died in the war said to end all wars in the killing fields of World war one
But many wars since and far too many bloody battles and peace in the World not yet won.

Wars started by silly ageing men who send the young for them to die
Ageing men who themselves will die of old age and their twilight years they will enjoy,
ageing males heroes of their people we honour cowards as heroes one might say
The young men will go to war for them and the young men with their young lives pay.

The war supposed to end all wars long over almost nine decades since have gone by
But many wars have been fought since then and war pilots dropp their big bombs from the night sky
But suppose that's what will always happen when we give all of our power away
To silly and ageing male war men who with hair dyes cover their gray.

Along the war avenue of honour long dead soldiers names on every tree
Young noble men who died in battle far from homeland and family
In what was to be the war to end all wars yet we don't have much wisdom to show
For the loss of so many fine young men well over eight decades ago.
Francis Duggan

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Stop The War

Stop the War
War war war
Everywhere there is war
Take my pencil and begin to draw

War against women is uproar
War against religion is rather raw
War against people seems to have no cure
War against colour and there is more and more

Stop the War
War war war
There are countries without a bookstore
Every corner shouts out loud a drugstore

There are wars on country floors
They fight wars on the seashore
We fights wars that are hard-core
And wars only make the people poor

The ordinary suffer for there is no law
And decent women are treated like whores
Bones and skin are all torn to the core
Ruthless they are even if you beg on all fours

Therefore stop the War
Peace and love should be our Mentor
Therefore stop the War
And let us build a World that we can adore
Before we destroy our World for sure
And the beautiful before can no longer be restored

Copyright 2014
Sylvia Lovina Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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Poems On / About WAR