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Poems On / About WAR  7/30/2015 10:04:18 PM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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My War

My war has no guns,
My war has no end,
My war has no good or evil,
My war is within one self,
My war is no good,
My war is not bad,
My war is not a war.
Dakota Bordeau

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War Is Not Good, Absolutely Nothing!

war! war!

Why do we have to fight?
People are dieing because of the war,
War is not good, absolutely nothing.

Death here, death there,
Parents are lost, dreams are lost,
Children are lost, brightness is lost.

War brings darkness,
War destroys happiness,
War brings GENOCIDE.

War overtakes peace,
And replaces it with conflict,
War is not harmony.

War brings greediness,
War brings depression,
War is not good, absolutely nothing.
Mary Deng

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3 A.01. War - What It Be

War fear cloaked in courage be,
War a solution can never ever be,
War but an aggravator surely be,
War but murder in uniform only be.

War a repeal of principles of virtue be,
War a breeding ground of all vices be,
War days of harvest for the devil be,
War a means of peace can not be.

War not an adventure ever be,
War but a disease clearly be,
War interlude during peace be,
Or peace interlude during war be?
Munindra Misra
Munindra (Munnan) Misra

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By Those Interested In War History

By those interested in war history war history is read
But the winners write the war history or so it is said
That is how it is and will always be
What is true to one is not to another that's how it seems to me
Of war and war heroes many stories are written and many poems to recite
And mostly of war winners that war writers stories do write
And readers believe what they want to believe
And the mothers of the war dead for their dead children grieve
In war as in life 'tis the winners who count
And the stories of losers to little amount
For the dead war heroes many a parade
And far too many films of war have been made
And 'tis mostly the winners write the war history
That is how it is and always will be.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About WAR