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Poems On / About WAR  11/23/2014 12:39:03 PM
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Modern Warfare

What is War?
War creates wounds
War is Man vs. Man
War causes countless deaths
War is seeing bodies flying across the wide open blue sky,
Then coming down in a like a hail storm replaced with body limbs
With red rain
War is the sound of a 5.56 mm round unloading near your ear drums
To the larger more massive tank shells ordnance
War scares the crap out of everyone minds
From the young to the old
Danny Nguyen

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Only bullets, war planes, War equipment and the soldier's Shoes talk loudly anytime, The harsh language of a war is Prevailing by itself anytime, Love is removed from the war's Dictionary until that war ends, The war's battlefield is the Center of any prevailing decision, so The true language of a war describes Itself and defines itself by itself.

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Dream Of Wars

Hopes disappeared but wars has not
Worried minds
Has mined
Words out of minds
Mine; mine; in a molds
Dreams of war
Took the world drowned
In deep wounds
Wars walls no one safe
And sons of their wars
They dream wars and woes
In coffins deep the worse
Their dreams
They dream wars
When still
Still in woes
Of thus wars
sallam yassin

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Dummheit Von Ratte

Eine tag das Katze war sehr hungrig
Das katze hat ohne zu essen
Noch wasser, die mehl und fleisch
Fuhr katze war vollig hoffnungslos
Aber aus nirgendwo; eine sehre Ratte
Ratte war viesig, sexy und tollkuhnlisch dick
Fuhr Katze war beinahe erwurgen be unglaubig,
Fuhr Katze war staunen; war staunnen wenn zu essen
Essen das dummheit Ratte zu-erst
Oder essen dummeheit Ratte vor milch
Die milch welche Ratte hat auf ihr kopf
Tragenen al seine geschenk fur Das Katze
Waa! Fuhr katzen gessen die Ratte erst
Vor essenen die Milch Welche Das Ratte war tragenen
Est ist dummheit den todden das Ratte

alexander opicho

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Poems On / About WAR