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Poems On / About WAR  10/4/2015 8:23:52 PM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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We Are All At War

Not all wars mean to wage a war Against a certain enemy anytime, but We have many wars on Many fronts starting from ourselves' Fronts up to those wars against selfishness, Fear, hunger, corruption, etc... We fight everyday to be or not to be In many directions.... Our wars are permanent, everlasting, and Continuous... We are fighting a lot of enemies that Are seen or unseen anytime... We need a lot time to overcome those Enemies on many fronts... These are bitter enemies Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, so We have to stand up against all these Brutal enemies until we defeat all of them... ______________________________________________________________________

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Innocence Of Life

Ugly wars have deflowered That pretty innocence of life To that degree that Its virginity got lost for ever and ever... Those ugly wars assaulted All innocent people's life To that degree in which Life has turned life and absurd... Selfishness can ignite Ugly wars simply because We got lost our whole innocence... Ugly wars usually are based On greed and on that ugly selfishness of Certain ignorant human figures Whose job is only to set fire To our innocent world anytime, Anywhere, and everywhere... Ugly wars are still continuing Regardless of our utter condemnations and Our utter outcries anytime... _____________________________________________________

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Uncle Sam's Fleet's Are In The Warm Mediterranean Sea

A final decision is not made yet, but Uncle Sam's war fleets are swimming in the Pretty belly of the warm Mediterranean Sea Waiting for that zero hour to start as they call them Air strikes, sea strikes, and may be land strikes Against a certain spot somewhere on earth, That zero hour is still unknown because Hesitation is still the situation's case, Everyone is in great tense because people Are waiting to see what's going on around, Uncle Sam is always ready to hit hard, but Always the problem is always with the strike's timing, There is something going on here and there, but All people worldwide are catching their breaths, Always technical problems are behind a sudden Strike because a final decision is still unknown, Kids and women are completely scared including My kids and their mom because they are scared Some stray missiles might hit them hard, Always innocent people like kids and women are the Real victims of any ugly war anytime and anywhere, Smart missiles should avoid our kids and our women Because we do not want to die for nothing at all, Wars are not pretty options for a reason or no Reasons, but we don't have options or choices if A decision made to go ahead with any war's decision, Please, avoid innocent kids and innocent women When your smart missiles hit hard any place, then A war is not a pretty thing or a good thing, but Chaos and bitter deaths to be ensued in any strikes.

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My War

My war has no guns,
My war has no end,
My war has no good or evil,
My war is within one self,
My war is no good,
My war is not bad,
My war is not a war.
Dakota Bordeau

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