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Poems On / About WAR  8/23/2014 8:24:14 AM
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War Of The Mind

Some wars are fought with guns,
Some wars are fought with tanks,
But the most destructive war of all,
Takes place right where you think,

This war is fought by everyone,
Over any little need,
Sometimes this war can drive a man,
To to takes all things he feeds,

This war is everlasting,
Until the day you die,
If you want to find this war,
Look no further than your mind.
Trevor Thompson

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Dummheit Von Ratte

Eine tag das Katze war sehr hungrig
Das katze hat ohne zu essen
Noch wasser, die mehl und fleisch
Fuhr katze war vollig hoffnungslos
Aber aus nirgendwo; eine sehre Ratte
Ratte war viesig, sexy und tollkuhnlisch dick
Fuhr Katze war beinahe erwurgen be unglaubig,
Fuhr Katze war staunen; war staunnen wenn zu essen
Essen das dummheit Ratte zu-erst
Oder essen dummeheit Ratte vor milch
Die milch welche Ratte hat auf ihr kopf
Tragenen al seine geschenk fur Das Katze
Waa! Fuhr katzen gessen die Ratte erst
Vor essenen die Milch Welche Das Ratte war tragenen
Est ist dummheit den todden das Ratte

alexander opicho

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The war

I will announce the war
A fierce war, merciless
War in which everything is permitted
Raised by the war behind him victory
War in which I will sacrifice myself
War on my heart
My heart who's become for the other
Lives in my chest, but
Love other
Protect him and feed him my blood, but
He loves someone else
And the other loves himself
Oh, my heart
You beat me and fell in love with someone else
The war will continue, either you return to me
Or you will not be for the others
Mohammed AlBalushi

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war is not epic,
but it can fix problems (in a way) .
war kills many peole,
but is it for the best?
war is very hurtful,
but someone always wins.
war is but nothing except killing and winning...
war is but...
soldiers dying,
war can kill,
i want to go home,
i saw brown leaves falling, like me,
war is the time you need friens the most,
epic x216

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Poems On / About WAR