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Poems On / About WAR  3/2/2015 9:00:01 AM
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meaning of war

Meaning of war

War means bombing
War means explosions
War means fire
War means destruction
War means hating
War means mutilation
War means killing
War means tears
War means guns
War means loss

War means not of who is right
War means not of who is wrong
War means only of whom is left
oscar montano

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One-On-One Skirmish in War

Lend me a crushed ear,
A juicy smear of dermis, and
I shall blast ye of your world
Upon a barrel furnace
Flaring orange of an instant!

Now first, please rip apart my being:
Sunder me, O! plunder please the
Writhing flesh upon my bones and
Leave it naught of
Living life - kill to
Bleeding cinders, embers of an ex.

Recuperation? Never! no!
Otherwise to suffer minds -
Bowels and all to wither
Aren't on offer -

Only desperate tears to flee! Now
Let me in and I'll remove
Your rhythmic timer - the
Pumping tinderbox to feed
A vox humana pleading for its life;
The reaper's chimer

Sees you burn,
Hears you spurn your soul -
Your screaming head - top flesh;
Dead mesh - mesh of death! No
Breath from breast! No
Beat or heat from rising ribs -
How neat, the meat in
Death together!

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2010
All rights reserved

war war war war war war war war
war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war
war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war
Mark R Slaughter

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'Love and War'

All is fair in love and war,
But love is peace and uproar is war,
Love is beginning and end is war,
Love is start and quit is war,
Love is true wrong is war,
Love is affection, abhor is war,
Love is pleasure, grief is war,
Love is serenity, bustle is war,
Love is passion, oppression is war,
Love is calm, chaos is war,
Love is solace, turmoil is war,
Love a summit, ebbing is war,
Love is comfort, terror is war,
Love is friendship, enmity is war,
Love is sodality, outcast is war,
Love is smoke, fire is war,
Love is fruit, ash is war,
Love is life, Death is war,
Love is everything, Futile is war,
Love is Love and War is War,
So love is fair, but not war.
Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

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The Game Of War

War is a game,
It proves that the worst loss,
Is a loss that was gained by a win,
The blood is shed,
The death is had,
Utter depression,
War happens over and over,
It never stops,
Peace is an illision,
War is greedy,
War has envy,
War shows wriath,
War enjoys gluttony,
War gains luster,
War provocks Pride,
War is made by Sloth,
Sins of 7 is what war represents,
And what war is Represented by,
Honesty is engolfed by deaf ears,
Unfeeling hearts,
And blind eyes,
War is words without meaning,
War is caused by love,
War is countined by hate,
War isn't good or evil,
It is a star that has reached its limit,
War doesn't care what, who, or where,
War is everything,
Power, strength, ability,
War runs the world,
Is simple,
But it repeats its self,
War is repetative,
What is war but a game.
Aaron Tate

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Poems On / About WAR