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Poems On / About WAR  7/10/2014 5:45:34 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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Now, carry your guns soldier,
Rush into war
With your guns and knives
Shoot into the sky
Join your battle comrades
The angels of peace flying in the skies
Die at the sound and pain of your wicked gunshots
But they resurrect again
To warn the earth like the prophets of old

Now, carry your guns soldier
For you do not listen to the angels of peace and mercy
You shoot on in the sky
Baying for more blood
The vampire you are
Sent by monsters from the white house, world leaders, Buckingham palace and the Queen of England
War on soldier
Fight like a savage without understanding
The arms of mercy stretch into the sky
The time passes bye
And the demons of war laugh and rejoice
While the prophets speak again
Of a new and golden age
Now war on soldier
For the angels of peace will speak forever
Preserving the earth
After your lust for gold, silver and domination
And the peace will rise again in the hearts of men
Making sacrifices to the angels of peace
War on
For war cannot last forever
And the empire of peace cometh
Like the Biblical New Jerusalem
And God speaks to our hearts
War on soldier
For evil cannot last forever
So says the angel of peace
larry Philosopher

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What Is War

The little boy on his fathers lap
asked with expression sore
I know i am small but i want to be told
daddy what is war?

war my son is where people die,
where old men suffer and women sigh,
where children hunger, where babies cry,
where trees won't grow please don't ask why.

The little boy got down and said,
why does it happen it sounds so bad?
Iv'e never seen a war before,
please daddy tell me more.

My son you are small but must be told,
a war is destruction it hurts us all,
war is the reason fields can't be sown,
war is the reason your brother's gone.

look at me my son and nevermore ask,
what is a war behind it's mask.
you had to be told so you would learn
to love everybody nobody to spurn.

Mission High School 1972
Juan Olivarez

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For War The Cost Is Great

As well as for World harmony another huge setback
There is one big lesson to be learned from Iraq
Those who invade other Countries a huge price must pay
For war the cost is great tis always been this way.

Yet powerful leaders and their advisors never learn of war history
Beyond their big egos they cannot seem to see
They tell us of freedom yet they themselves are free
Of compassion for others and human empathy.

So many must suffer and die for a war to be won
And in war winners are losers when all is said and done
For how can one be a winner with so many human lives lost
A victory in war does come at a great cost.

And yet we hear more rumors of war every day
Most leaders with great power lack in wisdom twould be fair to say
And in the future will the lesson of Iraq be another lesson in vain
For the lessons of war in the past do remain.
Francis Duggan

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World Wars

Soldiers Fight. Enemies Fight Back
World Wars Come To An End.
The Loved Ones Go And Fight For They're People.
They Shall Fight For Land
They Shall Fight For Glory
They Fight For The People That Live.
They Shall Not Let Anyone Down
They Must Do Much As They Can.
The Soldiers Fight.
The Soldiers Protect.
Once One Soldier Dies, Others Soldiers Die
they must bring peace to the land they protect.
We Remember The People Who Went To War.
Some Of The Families Lost A Member In War.
Some Of The Families Didn't Lost A Member In War.
In War, It's Hard To Survive In War.
You Gotta Be Strong And Brave.
The War Is All About The People We Care About And Keeping Enemies Away.
Sonya Wesley

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Poems On / About WAR