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Poems On / About WAR  9/5/2015 9:10:53 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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Perhaps He's Not Been Well Of Late

The Chief of staff in the White House on his war drum is beating
Perhaps he's not been well of late and his brains are over heating
For he talks of war and only war and he is brewing for trouble
And his bombers will reduce Baghdad to one big heap of rubble.

In his State of the Union address he talked of war with an angry facial expression
And the removal of Iraqi dictator Saddam from power with him
is an obsession
Wisdom comes with age to most apply but not to this Texan fellow
And just like the very dangerous bull be wary when he bellow

Some men in positions of power for to handle power not able
He and his right hand men only talk of war as they sit around the table
The table in the White House where decisions are made and where dreams of peace are torn asunder
For only death and tears and pain from the guns of war men thunder.

They tell the people of Iraq that they are doing them a big favour
But the majority of the Iraqi people do not see them as their saviour
From Saddam's autocratic regime who they loathe as oppressive
But they fear the to be invaders more as more dangerous and aggressive.

The Chief of Staff in the White House on his war drum is beating
Perhaps he's not been well of late and his brains are over-heating
For he can only talk of war and fear of terror he is spreading
And the fighter planes are set to go and the troops to war are heading.
Francis Duggan

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Such A Dangerous Thing

This thing called Patriotism is such a dangerous thing
Young people marching off to war their Country's anthem sing
They rev themselves for battle their lust for glory grow
And yet their so called enemy they do not even know.

The people they will be shooting at they have not met before
But they are obeying orders just that and nothing more
Just shoot straight and make each bullet count the order they obey
And kill or you will be killed war's always been that way.

The mother for her young soldier kneel by her bed to pray
She beseech God to watch over her child in battle far away
She finds it hard to sleep at night and she worries every day
For every victory in war with mothers tears we pay.

The so called Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is far from the war zone
He tells his soldiers from afar you do not fight alone
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and of you we feel so proud
And there's a massive hip hooray from the war hungry crowd.

For this thing called Patriotism the price can be huge to pay
Yet after war there's always peace some silly people say
And though the war that was to end all wars was fought decades ago
The numbers of the war dead only seem to grow and grow.
Francis Duggan

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The World Is Ruled By Ageing Egotistical Males

The World is ruled by ageing egotistical males who wage war for others to suffer and die
Though they don't take part in the battle their good lives they live to enjoy
Yet why do we see them as special and build monuments in their name
When the World would be better without them they leave us their legacy of shame.

The great gift of power we give to them but their great gift of power they abuse
And they are glorified as war winners though the winners in wars also lose
For in war there never are winners since a so called war victory comes at a cost
Can one put a value in Human life and in war far too many lives lost.

The World is ruled by ageing egotistical males who allow their power to go to their head
And the surviving family members of the deceased war victims are left for to mourn for their dead
Yet the children of the War Leader from the battle are long miles away
And they too like their war mongering father will live on to be old and gray.

We elect them to power in the first place are we too blind to see the light
From our past mistakes we never learn and will we ever get it right
These egotistical non fighting so called warriors leave others to fight for their pride
And because of them and their stupid egos far too many young people have died.
Francis Duggan

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You Like To Talk About War Heroes

You like to talk about war heroes I'll take you to meet one today
On warm days he sits on a park chair from here in distance a short walk away
In him you may feel disappointed he is frail and aged and gray
He has blocked out most of his war memories of war he has little to say.

He is not your idea of a hero but heroes they too do grow old
Just one more forgotten old warrior the years on him in wrinkles have told
He fought under the flag of his Nation in his Country he had great pride
A survivor of the war trenches where thousands of brave young men died.

He lives alone in a one bedroom apartment in a cold and drafty place to live in
Yet in his early twenties he was a decorated soldier and medals for his bravery he did win
For him it has all come to nothing and on the reaper's call he wait
On war memorial day he does not walk in the parade he feels no cause to celebrate.

You like to talk about war heroes you come for a short walk with me
And sitting on a park chair in the sunshine a war hero in the flesh you will see
Long before your father was born he fought in a war from here far away
He is the last of his battalion his war comrades amongst the dead lay
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About WAR