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Poems On / About WAR  11/25/2014 11:12:28 PM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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The Losers Never Write The War History

The losers never write the war history that's something we already know
Yet for the many wars fought through the ages we do not have the wisdom to show
That victory too comes at a huge cost for war the price is huge to pay
For families who grieve for their dead members their sense of loss with them will stay
Until they themselves go to the reaper the reaper who claims one and all
The loved one war had taken from them with great sadness they will recall
But the dead to life cannot be returned better to live as a coward than die brave
For none has yet come back for to tell us that there is a life beyond the grave,
They died for their God and their Country of dead war heroes some well may brag
Those who place too much worth on the unknowable and the colour of their Nation's flag
I for one find religion and patriotism confusing of god and war heroes hymns and songs are sung
But surely it is a misnomer that only the good do die young
And yet from war we have not learned young lives are lost for wars to be won
And if lasting peace ever does come it won't be through the barrel of a gun
Francis Duggan

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“Before the war what was here? ”

Before the war
Here was a deep green valley
Gardens of Jamboline
Long ques of Cathartocapus trees
A cascade falling from heavens
A fine oval shaped lake
And a village nearby the lake.

In the village
Therewere playgrounds for children,
Public Parks, shortly ending bazars
And a vegetable market.

“What else was here before the war? ”

Before the war,
Masjid, Tample and Church exist in one and the same street
Allah, Bhagwan and God were friends
Hues, lights, flowers and birds
And butterflies roaming on flower gardens were here.

“Was there anything else here, before the war? ”

Before the war
Here was a money-lender’s wine shop
A shop of indigo
A hut of a lyricist
A parlour of a sitar-player
A talk of a pretty young lass
And a gang of young lovers

What else I tell you that
Before the war, there was no war here
And more importantly
There was no cemetry around.
Ishaq Samejo

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In War Winners Are Losers

The winners write the war history or so it has been said
And though they may have their celebrations they cannot bring back the dead
For the dead are gone forever in eternal rest they lay
And in war winners are losers despite what some do think or say,
In war the one winner is hatred and old hatreds linger on for years
And the mothers for their dead soldiers are left to shed their tears
The last post may be played for them on war memorial day
But they will not hear the bugler all is so quiet where they lay,
They went to the reaper early and they faced death without fear
And of stories of their bravery we do so often hear
But those who sent them off to war were those who stood to gain
And though the young heroes died bravely their premature deaths were in vain
For war it is still being waged and the huge sacrifice they made
Only rally the troops for war in another war parade.
Francis Duggan

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Take Power Off Of The Warring Kind

From Hiroshima to 9/11 proof of man's inhumanity you'll find
To the innocent and unprotected of his fellow humankind
Get rid of nuclear weapons, of bombs, fighter planes and guns
'Tis not for fighting and dying in wars that parents raise their daughters and sons
Take power off of the non fighting warriors who to their power base cling
They start wars and cause the deaths of thousands yet their praises we do sing
We only need the rule of law not Nationalistic pride
Spread amongst the population by those who send the young to war saying god is on our side,
There is no such a thing as a superior race despite what some do say
That sort of thinking leads to war and we read and hear of every day
Another war or threat of war in the name of the greater god
And those who suffer in a war are the poor and the downtrod
And wars are started every day by those who seek more power
And the flower of peace for some time now is a slowly withering flower.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About WAR