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Poems On / About WAR  2/9/2016 6:34:45 PM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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A Victory Or Death?

All abhor war but wars are there!
Beyond all means only war comes;
Crossing all line of control of peace
Danger of war begins to decide crisis.

Every means is followed to win war!
Fools or intellectuals, war is a game;
Gaining control over weak is victory!

Human nature succumbs to animal one;
I is what stands before despite justice is
Joining hands with supporters as friends!

Kind and truth loving hearts have no place!
Last resort to save life is surrender only;
Many battles are won with no one to enjoy!

Nobody likes war but none can stop it!
Of all crimes, killing is no crime in war!
Power keeps all at bay with awe in war!

Queen waits for seeing victory of lover;
Rooks, camels and horses die for men;
Soldiers are pawns in the hands of king!

Troops march on, men may win or die!
Universal declaration of peace is illusion;
Victory is the only goal in war of any kind;
World of woes by wars never sees shore!

Xena, the warrior queen is also famous...!
Yesterday, today and tomorrow wars are
Zeroing on targets to kiss victory or death!
Ramesh T A

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Soldier, sold, old, do, doer, so, rod, doe, or, side, ride, sore, ore, lore, rode reo, roe, doe, dies!
In the name of war as one finds the death of a soldier along the way.

Trumpets! !
The trumpets of war;

Absolutely aware of the scenario of war!
Because, you are now in uniform with a gun in your hand as you prepare for war.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Losing The War Of Tobacco..

Losing the war of tobacco..
I'm losing the war that has consumed my life.
Tobacco is my war that I fight along side
Tobacco is in the life I live in
Tobacco is the war I'm losing
Tobacco has consumed my life
Joe Johnson

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War Is Boredom

War is Boredom

War is Boredom

War can be defined as long periods of boredom, short burst of terror, seemingly lasting forever, To those who are there, Waiting for another outburst, which never seems to cease.
You Pray, you count all your blessings, the outgoing not what you fear, its the incoming that can't be trusted.
War can be defined as boredom, for those who's life was spared, as the days in between that matters, on those who life spent there.

Charles Garcia

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Poems On / About WAR