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Poems On / About WAR  10/8/2015 11:19:42 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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Let Me Count War A Divine Curse

Let me count War a divine curse, -
If Peace is the best, War is worst-while
If we go tired, and think much to live
'Tis time to go through Peace and leave War far a mile;
War is worse than it was!
And Peace, the Love weave.

Peace, always give a boon the mankind
War, always a sordid boon.
Peace bound us together, and will bind
And War, always fall us into deadly swoon.
<i>So, let Peace live forever
And War be never! </i>

Pijush Biswas

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Just False Patriotism

'Tis true to the dead that respect we should show
But they still honour men who died ninety years ago
For a dubious cause in Lands far away
But the war that was supposed to end all wars is re-lived today.

In that war it is said a million people died
And in such needless slaughter why do we take pride
At the war memorial the last post is played
And the long war dead are honoured with one more parade.

Those who march for peace it does seem to me
Do more for the betterment of humanity
Than those who go to war memorials to honour the long dead
Far too much about war has been written and said.

Just false patriotism to me this does seem
A boost to big egos and to self esteem
The mistakes of war are repeated today
And people are dying in war zones far away.
Francis Duggan

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Everyone Is Growing Older

Between warring Countries hostilities do not last
And 'tis true your friend of tomorrow may be your foe of the past
But life goes on as usual that's how it seems to be
And we make friends with the old foe to fight our new common enemy
And everyone grows older but few grow wise and gray
For we still glorify the folly of war in the World of today
And we find things in common when we have a common foe
But as we do grow older few of us do wiser grow,
We celebrate war heroes to die in war is not seen as a sin
And when one war it is over another war begin
To use the name of God in war seems hypocritical that would seem fair to say
And to Moses fifth commandment respect we never pay
Crimes of hate and xenophobia sad to say are on the rise
And everyone is growing older but so few are growing wise.
Francis Duggan

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Honour The Good Living

Honour the good living and respect the dead
And learn from the past as a wise one once said
Though many leaders never learn from history
Wise people do not become political leaders it does seem to me,
The war supposed to end all wars was fought decades ago
and still the numbers of the war dead does grow
The war like leaders war before peace do choose
But of war it is said that even winners do lose
Of love of their Country some are known to brag
Though such people carry their pride in a flag
Patriotic fervour the path to war lead
And less of Nationalism in the World we do need
We should learn from the past and then look ahead
And honour the good living and respect the dead.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About WAR