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Poems On / About WAR  10/21/2014 1:59:15 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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War Never Solves Anything

Of battles won and noble soldiers you hear the old balladeer sing
But war only brings death and suffering and war never solves anything
And the mental scars of war keep festering long after the battle does end
You badly injure or kill someone's loved one that person will not be your friend.

For God and the flag of their Nation too many in battle have died
And the Government honour war heroes in their false show of patriotic pride
But the fact is their young lives were wasted and the fact with us sadly remain
That old battles are never over and for old grieviances human blood spilt again.

War weaponry and explosives big business in a World where human life is taken cheap
By some a human life seen as of no more value than that of a cow's or a sheep
From history we have not learned the war supposed to end all wars long gone
Yet every day more violence and terror and war and war mongering lives on.

Of battles won and acts of war bravery so many songs written and sung
And war instigated by old men must always be fought by the young
But the song for the young dead war hero to the hero's mum to it has a bitter ring
And war is a waste of human life for war never solves anything.
Francis Duggan

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Crime & War

war crimes
war is crime
Dean Meredith

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Left or Right

War does not determine who's right
War determines who's left
Drakensberg Ape

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Freedom from war is peace
And war never ends
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About WAR