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Poems On / About WAR  10/21/2014 3:43:11 AM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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3 A.01. War - What It Be

War fear cloaked in courage be,
War a solution can never ever be,
War but an aggravator surely be,
War but murder in uniform only be.

War a repeal of principles of virtue be,
War a breeding ground of all vices be,
War days of harvest for the devil be,
War a means of peace can not be.

War not an adventure ever be,
War but a disease clearly be,
War interlude during peace be,
Or peace interlude during war be?
Munindra Misra
Munindra (Munnan) Misra

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Stop the War

Stop the War
War war war
Everywhere there is war
Take my pencil and begin to draw

War against women is uproar
War against religion is rather raw
War against people seems to have no cure
War against colour and there is more and more

Stop the War
War war war
There are countries without a bookstore
Every corner shouts out loud a drugstore

There are wars on country floors
They fight wars on the seashore
We fights wars that are hard-core
And wars only make the people poor

The ordinary suffer for there is no law
And decent women are treated like whores
Bones and skin are all torn to the core
Ruthless they are even if you beg on all fours

Therefore stop the War
Peace and love should be our Mentor
Therefore stop the War
And let us build a World that we can adore
Before we destroy our World for sure
And the beautiful before can no longer be restored

Copyright 2014
Sylvia Lovina Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

Love brings war
Love breeds hate
Love births peace
Love begats death
Love blossoms life

Life blossoms love
Life begats death
Life breeds hate
Life brings war
life births peace

Peace births life
Peace brings war
Peace begats death
Peace blossoms love
Peace breeds hate

Hate breeds peace
Hate brings love
Hate births war
Hate blossoms life
Hate begats death

Death begats hate
Death breeds life
Death blossoms love
Death brings peace
Death births war

War births death
War begats peace
War blossoms life
War breeds hate
War brings love

never ending or beginning

One last bringing of war
Begatting death of the cycle
Blossoming life as it is meant to be
Bringing cataclysmic profound love
Birthing true peace and tranquility
Nicholas McDonough

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16 at war

um 16 at war
16 at war with life
16 at war with destiny
16 at war with the universe
16 at war with the world
16 at war in iraq
16 at war with my soul
16 at war with my spirit
16 at war with teenage ways
16 at war with you
16 at war with whom?
shameka jones

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Poems On / About WAR