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Poems On / About WAR  5/30/2016 10:59:22 PM
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Best Poems About / On WAR
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Getting Out Of The Hell They Invented -

Those ugly wars are theirs and Not ours anytime, anywhere, and everywhere Simply because they are very well-known For making big or small wars against others... Nobody wants any kind of wars except Those ugly warmongers and arms-traders... Wars are made for many ugly purposes and Evil-doers benefit from them anytime... To stage a war or wars against others means You are totally and completely bringing Havoc, disorder, damages, victims, and many things... Wars break out extending and expanding into That unknown hells that are made by warmongers... Anyone or anything can start a war or wars, but They can not stop it as they desire or as they wish... Warmongers are Satanic simply because they stir The whole world to be under their sick desires anytime... It is difficult ever to get out of an ugly hell One made it for any purposes or for anything else... It is better to build a peaceful world bring all Nations towards a great and great peace rather than To make the whole nations pay expensive prices for nothing... ______________________________________________________________________

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war can kill, war can be killed
war can hurt, and war can please
war is bad, and war is good
war can bring death and war can bring joy
war is like a game there is one winner and one looser
war can be a bridge and war can be a tunnle
war can blind, war can deaf
war can help, war cant help
war is a word that has no meaning
war changes the world to great or bad
war is a simple thing
war is not evil or good
war can be stopped, war can stop
war can be nothing or it can be everything
i've been in war it is not hard and it is not easy
you dont need much to be in the war
all u need is a heart full of pride
and if u dont have that u will get shot and die
joe yourmom

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Memory Of Silence And Sadistic Parametres (Iii)

Memory of silence, arcana, depravity, violence, victimization, stigmatization, insecurity, sadistic parametres and/ or armament of destruction. From Africa to Asia, from Europe to America, our mothers, sisters and daughters are victims of violence, murder, mayhem, rape, mutilation, sexual slavery, forced abortion, sterilizations and mortification. War crime carries different words, but same definitions. And the patterns of justice and otherwise seem far different. Rapists are terrorists who kill, rape, desecrate and pillage at will. Agents of destruction of human dignity. Rape is a weapon of shame in and out of wartime. The rape of the women of Monte Cassino, the rape of Nanking massacre, the rape of Rwanda genocide, the rape of Cambodian genocide, the rape of the formal Yugoslavia genocide, the rape and mass rape of the kosovo-Albanian women, the systematic mass rape during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rape of the siege of the Alamo, the rape of the Battle of Little Bighorn, the rape of Vietnam war, the rape of the Mexican-American war, the rape of the Battle of the Bulge, the sexual slavery of the Japanese during World War (II) , the rape of Ibo women in Nigeria-Biafra civil war, the rape of the Srebrenica massacre, the rape of Mayan women in the 36-year Guatemalan civil war, the mass rape in Minova during Democratic Republic of Congo civil war, the rape of Sierra Leone civil war, the rape of Ivory Coast civil unrest, the rape of Myanmar, the rape of Darfuri women in the Sudanese civil unrest, wartime sexual violence in Sri Lanka, Colombia, Nepal, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Israel and Palestine, Peru, El Salvador, East Timor... are but one gruesome example. Women's bodies on a large scale have become an unavoidable instrument of war, and impunity hitherto remains the rule of the game. Wartime rape is a serious crime according to international law and jurisprudence. Sexual violence is tantamount to genocide. Yet prevention and prosecution have for long been a rhetorical priority for the international community.
Tunji Ibrahim

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Anti-War Cries

Siding with any war is a big mistake Done by any entity or by anyone simply because An ugly war breeds only hatred and destruction Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, We have witnessed very ugly wars here and there In our recent times, then What have we got out of these horrible wars? ! Of course, nothing, but Mass killings, mass destructions, and mass sufferings Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Wars are only tools in the hands of the ugly aggressors And in the hands of all arms dealers anytime, Only corpses, pretty childhood, dead mothers, scattered bodies of Men here and there, Wars bring all pretty nations back to zeros simply because They burn everyone and everything totally to the ground, Shelling scares, Volleys of bullets terrorize innocent people, Long-range rockets kill our hopes, and All all other machines of aggression tend to end pretty souls, then All anti-war cries share together to say: 'Stop all ugly wars now before it's over.'

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Poems On / About WAR