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I widened my eyes seeking differences; I softened my heart accepting changes; I don't recognize the hands of a man; but I can feel the marks of a woman's; I don't know the arms of a man; but I know the warmth of a woman's; I don't recall a man's voice but my drums know the rhythm of a woman's; I never found a man's footstep but I still follow a woman's: I'm not a Lady by choice, but a woman by actions; its not the make-up that makes me glitter; but the golden beauty inner and outer; I am woman raised, woman nurtured, woman brought, woman built! I am a woman in Christ; a woman amongst women; I'm not a leaf that has fallen far from its tree, but I'm a tree that grew from a leaf; I'm not a color that doesn't match; but I'm a color that stands out; I'm not one in a million, but I'm a zillion amongst millions, I'm not a lady by choice; but I'm a woman by actions, I m a woman in Christ, I am a woman amongst women
Noluyolo Mapuma

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Western Paper

Women throughout history have been generally looked upon as being the weaker sex, and to be the lesser of the two. The Old Testament and the New Testament gives two different views on how women were viewed in each of their times. Throughout these two, changes to christianity occured, and that is the justification behind the differences.

The Old Testament of the bible gives a description of how women were viewed during that time. It depicts what would now be considered obsurd practices of treating women. For example, women that were not married were not allowed to leave their fathers house, women were viewed mainly for child bearing, and that they were not allowed to appear in public venues. Specific references in the book of Genesis show that women were objectified and often used as sexual objects. After doing some research, the book of Exodus reveals that women were considered property of her father untill she became married, where then, ownership would transfer and she would become property of her new husband. Women were treated unjustly and unfairly during this time, and were regarded as being 'dirty' for being a woman.

The New Testament has somewhat of a mixed view on the equality of women to men, but it certainly gives more credit and justification to women being equal. There are still references in the New Testament to how women are considered unequal to men, but there are also new thoughts and ideas of equality of both sexes. Most blatently put, the book of John states that 'All people, men and women, have the opportunity to become children of god' implying that it was all inclusive, meaning both genders, all races, and all sexual orientations. In the same relation, the book of Galatians quotes 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus'.

The bible as a whole has mixed opinions on alot of things, and the standing of women is one of the indescrepencies that is shown. In the Old Testament more than the New Testament, women were objectified and looked down upon. They were viewed as property and as sexual objects. Men were quoted talking about having sex with a women against their will, and it also stated strict restrictions on how a woman should live her life. The New Testament began to shed a little bit more light on the subject, and started giving a little bit more credit and respect to women. Women, as far back as biblical times, have always been thought of as the lesser of the sexes. The contrast is prevalent between the standards of women in the Old and New Testament of the bible.

The arguement arises as to how sexist the bible is. Although I do not agree with the statement that the bible is sexist, I do believe that the way that the bible portrays women is unfair and that it is wrong to objectify women, but the bible ultimately says that God created men and women equal, and that Jesus Christ, the son of God, died for the sins of all people, not just for men.

Over the course of nature, and all the time of human existance on earth, women have be subjected to unfair treatment. The Old Testament gives a more harsh aspect to it, and the New Testament shows a litle bit more respect for women and their place in society. I think that christianity has become corrupt, but in the sense that people are caught up in the congregation aspect rather than the religious aspect of christianity, and are begining to miss the point, to fail to see what the main message in the bible really is.
Zach Hupp

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Her Hidden Treasure

Her flame was only for the women
Not for us unlucky men;
A weakness lay for feminine way:
To feel an even fairer skin
In silky slide.

Her lips were for the satin love that
Only flows from rising breast;
The creamy tan was not for man
To pull towards a chiselled chest
In weathered hide.

Her hidden treasure down below
Would shy away from macho length
And only rouse upon the blouse
Undone by other sapphic strength
In time, inside!

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2010

woman woman woman woman woman woman
woman woman woman woman woman woman
woman woman woman woman woman woman
woman woman woman woman woman woman
woman woman woman woman woman woman
Mark R Slaughter

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VARIETIES OF FOODS ????? ?? ???????

A man's stomach is Connected by a woman's taste, The more the food is wonderful, The more the man is closer to the woman Through her foods' breathing, through her her drinking, and through her cleanliness and vice versa... Any mistake in the woman's food, then A problem arises out of it even If it is some salt or some sugar... A woman is excellently a cook by just putting her finger in that food, A man enjoys that food like these overstuffed vegetable-marrows, the overstuffed egg-plants, the overstuffed Potatoes, the...... overstuffed green peppers, A man is good taster of a woman's food, The woman's food indicates any food and its Pretty taste... A woman's food is judged by its pretty taste... The healthy and clean food shows a woman's Awareness and shows her education and Vice versa... Life contains a lot of varied examples... A man always loves his belly, then A woman's pretty food fills up a man's belly... _____________________________________________

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