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Best Poems About / On WORK
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'More Work To Do'

I've not the time to settle in when work is gone undone.
So much work afraid to say that carries me my ton.
And though the work is not all mine or left for me to do.
Still toil to finish up this work, hope I'd be seeing you.
You see it will not do itself, these tasks leave me pursue.
And you shall know when work gets lite soon all this work be

Thank God it's now the two of us that toil for end of day.
We work for those that suffer great with no place they can stay.
Might we find a third to help us grind this spinning stone.
For I believe the three of us might feel so not alone.

Thomas Adams
The Poetaster Oct-2013
Thomas Adams

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Dina Vieny, Maillol And Matisse

When posing for Maillol she looked quite obese,
since Aristide thought fat is fine,
but having been drawn by his good friend Matisse,
she left him reduced to a line.

Inspired by an obituary of Dina Vierny, Aristide Maillol’s model, by William Grimes (“Dina Vierny,89, model for Maillol’s sculptures, ” NYT, January 27,2009) :
Ms. Vierny was a 15-year-old lycιe student in Paris when she met Maillol, in the mid-1930s. The architect Jean-Claude Dondel, a friend of her father’s, decided that she would make the perfect model for the artist, who was 73 and in the professional doldrums. “Mademoiselle, it is said that you look like a Maillol and a Renoir, ” Maillol wrote to her. “I’d be satisfied with a Renoir.” For the next 10 years, until his death in a car accident in 1944, Ms. Vierny was Maillol’s muse, posing for monumental works of sculpture that belied her modest height of 5 feet 2 inches. By mutual agreement, the relationship was strictly artistic….Her Rubenesque figure and jet-black hair indeed made her, as Dondel had predicted, “a living Maillol, ” memorialized in works like “The Seated Bather, ” “The Mountain, ” “Air, ” “The River, ” and “Harmony, ” his last, unfinished sculpture. Maillol also turned to her as a subject for drawings and painted portraits, like “Dina With a Scarf, ” now in the Maillol Museum.
In 1939, Maillol took refuge at his home in Banyuls-sur-Mer, at the foot of the eastern Pyrenees. There, Ms. Vierny, who had already begun working for a Resistance group in Paris, was approached by the Harvard-educated classicist Varian Fry, whose organization in Marseille helped smuggle refugees from occupied France into Spain. Unbeknownst to Maillol, she began working as a guide, identifiable to her fleeing charges by her red dress. The work was doubly dangerous because she was Jewish. Ms. Vierny soon began dozing off at her posing sessions. The story came out, and Maillol, a native of the region, showed her secret shortcuts, smugglers’ routes and goat paths to use. After several months of working for the Comitι Fry, Ms. Vierny was arrested by the French police, who seized her correspondence with her friends in the Surrealist movement but failed to notice stacks of forged passports in her room. A lawyer hired by Maillol won her acquittal at trial, and to keep her out of harm’s way the artist sent her to pose for Matisse in Nice. “I am sending you the subject of my work, ” Maillol told Matisse, “whom you will reduce to a line.” Matisse did several drawings and proposed an ambitious painting that he called a “Matisse Olympia, ” after the famous painting by Manet. When Maillol heard that the project would take at least six months, he hastily recalled her to Banyuls. She also posed for Dufy and for Bonnard, who used her as the model for “Somber Nude.” In 1943, Ms. Vierny was again arrested, this time by the Gestapo, in Paris. She was released after six months in prison when Maillol appealed to Arno Breker, Hitler’s favorite sculptor.

gershon hepner

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I pray our work find wings and whisper its sentiment
in the ears of those; those who need to hear.

I pray our work find wings and it will transcend language, culture, creed and be as the breath that we inhale and exhale.

I pray our work finds wings and we meditate and contemplate on the moments and float to lands and places we have never been.

I pray our work finds wings and whispers in the ears, hearts, breath, life, spirit being of every being.
And compels the brain to think as human and not as
machine transporting the soul, spirit being.

But rather spirit being, with a soul that is carried by a body and moves to the whispers as etched and carried through our works
guided by our pen.

I pray our works find wings... let us now start to whisper.
I hear it, you hear, we feel it!
Let us whisper, then hum and vibrate so that our work will have wings!
So that those who need to hear it will!
Elaine Oxamendi Vicet

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A Big Hand Made Star

How Do You Put a Star in the Sky?
Auto had worked hard, gathering nails, wood. Like a hammer, saw, chisel and stuff. He was as determined as the very word determined could be. He had his doubts as any, at such an enormous task to even the most talented or skilled.

Doubt is a precarious most unsettling thing. It has no favorites or a preferred, doubt exudes a mystery in such a cloudy non-form. But Auto wasn’t going to be concerned with doubt at all. He had decided long before, this he would do.

He worked harder than ever before on this his greatest attempt. A single act of art, adding to the previous works by others which shone vividly with the surrounding black setting in the night sky. After a long time of sweat and many tears Auto had nailed, sanded, and glued. The work was quite a sight. Smooth and shiny balanced and present. Perhaps even one would wish upon.

On the night of a full moon he carefully carried it to the top of one of the highest mountains overlooking the night sky. So many other works shined. He sat down on the edge of the cliff, next to his work, wondering silently how his star could ever match or live up to the others. A nameless odd work yet with a profound and unspoken goodness. It was for sure a gift of a blessed soul, with God’s help of course. Should he now say a prayer? Or check with another to assess his sanity? No, he knew, in his deepest spirit that it was good.

Now he waited for the greatest answer, one which he never knew the question for. This, before a darkly lit sky, was going to be his landmark moment. He had his creation - his Star creation. Now he was ready, ready to have it join the distant bright stars staring back at Earth, him and others. This causing feelings he didn’t know how to hold, He took deep breaths to calm himself.

He decided to wait. Once Auto heard when one doesn’t know - one must wait. Wait for whatever clues or answers would arise. So Auto waited.

There he was sitting on the highest mountain, on a cliff with his feet dangling down, one arm draped over his handmade wooden star and his heart trying to find the answer to the epic question: How do you put a star in the sky?

Auto Biography is a character created by Bullion Grey, artist and speck of dust in the Youniverse. Contact: bulliongrey AT live.com
Bullion Grey

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