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Poems On / About WORK  9/2/2015 9:27:43 PM
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Work, done with strains
With drops of sweat
Oozing out of our glands
Sometimes hard with blistered hands
Our back aches as we bend to work
Yet it is inviting daily
Endearing to the diligent
Detestable to the indolent
Work, our daily companion
Work, divine creative acts
Its want is insatiable
Because it's a jolly friend of wealth
When it's too much
Complaints reign supreme
When it's lacking
The world is a hell
Some are named by their work
Our lives are wrapped in work
We are our work, work is us
So, whatever we are or will be
Is determined by our work
Babatunde Aremu

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Addicted To Running

At least he's not causing pollution of him that would be fair to say
He runs to the work yard in the morning and back home at the end of the day
A distance of some twelve kilometres that is six kilometres each way
A fitness fanatic and a hard working fellow for him never an easy pay.

Wearing running road shoes and shorts and a light vest he carries his working gear in his backpack
He runs to the work yard every morning and after work to home runs back
A man in his thirties with a wife and teenage daughters he is a few years past his prime
He never does work at the weekends and he never does work overtime.

One who has run in many marathons and he always finishes his race
his last marathon was his best finish just beaten by the winner into second place
Still he is one I do not envy and him I've no wish to emulate
I could not push myself like he does I have no desire to be great.

Just before daybreak in the morning he is one you are bound to meet
He runs to his workplace in the Suburbs on the sidewalk from street to street
To running he does seem addicted he works hard and he runs every day
Whilst others in their their beds are sleeping through the suburbs to works he jogs his way.
Francis Duggan

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Heaven- I Do Not Want

Heaven - I do not want
I want to work
And for me
Work is a pleasure
And for me
Life is a joy
And here there is
Creation and by
Creating something
I get my perfection.
Do you know?
I do not want to work
I want to love work
And in love there is work
I love my work
And what is my work
My work is only love
Love is life
Love is pleasure
And here there is
My work and this is
Not in heaven.
gajanan mishra

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'More Work To Do'

I've not the time to settle in when work is gone undone.
So much work afraid to say that carries me my ton.
And though the work is not all mine or left for me to do.
Still toil to finish up this work, hope I'd be seeing you.
You see it will not do itself, these tasks leave me pursue.
And you shall know when work gets lite soon all this work be

Thank God it's now the two of us that toil for end of day.
We work for those that suffer great with no place they can stay.
Might we find a third to help us grind this spinning stone.
For I believe the three of us might feel so not alone.

Thomas Adams
The Poetaster Oct-2013
Thomas Adams

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Poems On / About WORK