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Poems On / About WORK  5/27/2015 10:46:04 AM
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I Go To Work

i go to work everyday, i give you all the money, and you still not satisfied, i go to work every day baby i give you all the money, you know we we have two kids baby, i put food on the table clothes on their back, and you are still not satisfied, tell me whats going on baby, why? dont you talk to me, everytime i try to talk to you, you always walk away, you have been acting kind of funny yes you have, come to find out girl you got somebody else, tell me whats going on baby, how did i loose my spot baby, tell me how can i fix this baby, i know i never home, i go to work everyday baby, i am just trying to give you a good life baby, but that doesn't seem to satisfy you, what did i do wrong to deserve this, because all i ever did baby, i go to work everyday baby i give you all the money, and this your way showing your appreciation.
jimmie Saltmarshall

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I Understand

I understood

I understood, I never denied, I thought deeply about, worked on, worked on the future as if it was with in grasp, I saw it pass my mind shifting my reasoning, it came like a fierce wind, blew away my thoughts, I understood, never denied, it came like a fierce wind blew me away but I stood like never before for I understood, never denied I was greater than it was, thought deeply about, worked on, worked on the future until it was in grasp of hand. This time it never blew me away for I understood what it did not understand, now I stand firm
Thandolwethu Ntshintshi

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I Say Unto Ewes

Isaiah Chapter 61: all and in response to the Hebrews 4: 11...The work of man is the work of man...And the work of God is the work of God...So I say unto you all...Isaiah Chapter 62: 1-4...Could the United States be Beulah? ? ? 5-12... so shall it be? ? ?

AppleOfOurFathersEye Hephzibaz

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When I Was Twenty Four Years Old

When I was twenty four years old. I had to leave the one job that I had. Not knowing was ahead of me. I could never go back to my job or any job. When this happened I didn't know what to do. This was my dream job. I loved my job. After my first surgrey. All I wanted to do is go back to work. But i couldn't. It's 30 years since I worked at a job. I miss that. I don't really think about working. Because It's hard for me to get around. So I couldn't work even if I wanted to. I wrote my first book. written and Posted 7/27/08
Susie Sunshine

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Poems On / About WORK